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Why does insomnia go untreated?...& why treatment for insomnia matters!

While some people are very vocal about their struggles with insomnia and poor sleep, others do not discuss the sleep issues they are having with treating practitioners. This is often because they don't believe it is a medical issue or they think they should "tough it out", or even because of fear that there is not a solution. However, most are not aware about how poor sleep quality is truly impacting both mental and physical health. Instead, you are just left wondering "why can't I sleep?" while suffering daily.


Sleep deprivation is linked to significant health issues, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, or even early death. Read more about this important issue in a recent update from the American Heart Association. Poor sleep also is a significant factor in our mental health, negatively impacting memory, attention and mood, and is even now linked as a contributing factor in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.


Identification of sleep issues is key in getting the proper treatment. A full medical workup is recommended as the first part of the assessment process, to rule out any physiological issues that may be contributing to the sleep disturbance. Once medical issues have been ruled out, many people often turn to a medication to resolve insomnia. Medication is one option that can be very helpful in resolving insomnia. However, there is another solution that involves cognitive behavioral strategies. This type of therapy is actually recommended as a first-line treatment option for insomnia.


Many people hesitate to seek the help of a therapist because of the stigma attached to any type of mental health treatment.  Don't let this fear prevent you from getting guidance and support for effective sleep strategies. Therapy is a vital component of behavioral sleep medicine and seeking appropriate and effective treatment for insomnia and sleep disorders is necessary to end the suffering. 

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