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Online  Sleep Therapy

Help for Insomnia In Your Home

Online sleep therapy is a remote option, sometimes referred to as telehealth or teletherapy. Online therapy services are available via my secure HIPAA compliant video platform. In some cases when video is not an option for a client, phone services may also be available. We want to ensure that therapy services are always accessible, particularly during this time when restrictions due to COVID-19 may not allow for in-person sessions.

Participation in sessions with me is a very simple process. A camera and microphone are the only computer requirements needed to engage, and a link is provided via email so that you can click and easily join your therapist in a private video meeting. 


Although seeing a therapist in person may be preferred, there are many benefits to attending sessions on a secure online platform. Please contact me to find out if online sleep therapy is the best option for you.

Benefits of Online Therapy

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