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CBT-I for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

Please call me for a consultation to discuss how I can help your client or patient.

CALL:  (858) 400-4646

TEXT:   (858) 400-4646

Or fill out the contact form below:

sleep medication

Who Can Benefit from CBT-I?

Consider an assessment for CBT-I when...

  • Medication alone has not produced desired results OR recommendation to discontinue sleep medication.

  • Screenings have ruled out medical cause for the insomnia.

  • Therapy has helped with other mental health issues, but has not provided relief for chronic insomnia.

  • An adjunct therapy is needed to specifically target insomnia (supporting primary therapist).

  • Sleep difficulty is exacerbating mental health symptoms and/or medical issues.

  • Difficult to accurately assess mental health and medical issues due to the impact of sleep deprivation.

  • Sleep anxiety/sleep disturbance has increased relative to COVID.


Thanks for contacting me!

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